Chemical Industry

Chemical, pharmaceutical and food-processing industries

In recent years, information systems have become critical to business. These systems help companies optimize financial and commodity streams throughout the enterprise. Increasingly, these systems interact with suppliers and customers systems via the internet. To make sound decisions, it is crucial to know your competitive strengths and weaknesses, and to have information that is complete, accurate, relevant and up-to-date.

The right enterprise resource-planning (ERP) solution will help you meet these challenges.

Process manufacturers must provide consistent product quality. Unlike discrete manufacturers, parameters such as mixture ratios are variable and additional factors such as reactor size, temperature and humidity must be taken into account.

Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV is a fully integrated business-information system targeted at the varied requirements of growing small and medium-sized businesses.

Building on Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, leverages hands-on expertise to create a unique solution for process manufacturers. We map your business to a system that provides real-time visibility into operations and optimizes supply chain processes. employs best practices and customizes systems to give you accurate information about your back office, warehouse or shop floor that enables you to meet your customers needs’, and to do so on time.’ custom solution for process manufacturers is your key to success!